McCauley is a neighbourhood in northeast Edmonton. Economically and culturally diverse, it boasts a large number of restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world, many churches, unique businesses, and a host of exciting events and festivals.

However, McCauley has another side. McCauley is also home to a large proportion of agencies, social housing projects, and people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. The resulting dynamics affect everyone in the neighbourhood in different ways.

McCauley: A Caring Community – Conversations on Social Housing is a short film exploring issues of housing and homelessness in McCauley, and why housing needs to be a city-wide responsibility. The film examines how social issues relating to housing and homelessness personally affect stakeholders in McCauley, while also discussing the ways in which McCauley is an example to other neighbourhoods when it comes to social housing. Conversations with residents, business owners, representatives from agencies, faith leaders, and even a few politicians, examine issues of dispelling fears and examining the positive side of social housing, leading to the main question: what is a caring community?

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