Interview Subjects

Meet the people interviewed for the film. Not everyone who was interviewed made it into the final cut of the film, but everyone had relevant and important things to say and deserves to be acknowledged. Thank you all for your time:


Rajeh Abuzahra is the owner and manager of Boyle McCauley Pharmacy.


Ray Baillie is a pastor on Church Street.


Cecilia Blasetti is the Executive Director of the Boyle McCauley Health Centre.


Colleen Chapman is a McCauley senior who lives in cooperative housing.


Carola Cunningham (left) is the Executive Director of Ambrose Place, and Marlene Orr is the Assistant Director. Ambrose Place is safe, supportive housing for Indigenous peoples located on 96 Street and 106 Avenue.


Julian Daly is the Executive Director of Boyle Street Community Services.


Shauna Forsyth is a McCauley homeowner and part of the McCauley Community League.


John Gee is the Community Development Facilitator at the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton and is with the Interfaith Housing Initiative. He also lives in cooperative housing in McCauley.


Leif Gregersen is an accomplished writer who lives with Bipolar Disorder. He lives in a group home in McCauley for men with psychiatric conditions.


Jim Gurnett is a former McCauley resident who is a well-known advocate for social justice, particularly in the issue of housing.


Father Jim Holland has been the Pastor at Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples for over two decades.


Todd Janes is a McCauley homeowner, artist, and Chair of the Revitalization Steering Committee.


John Kolkman is a long-time resident of McCauley and the Research Coordinator for the Edmonton Social Planning Council.


Dean Kurpjuweit is the Managing Director of The Mustard Seed in Edmonton.


Henry Mah was a co-owner of a restaurant in the 101 Street area.


Evelina Mannarino is an entrepreneur who is building luxury market housing in McCauley, where she lives in her own custom-built home.

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Brian Mason is the MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood, as well as the Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation.


Cam McDonald is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Inner City Housing Society (EICHS)


Elizabeth McEwan is with the McCauley Community League and lives in social housing.


Scott McKeen is the City Councillor for Ward 6.


Bob McKeon has lived in McCauley for over 35 years, has been involved in numerous housing initiatives, and currently lives in cooperative housing.


Gerry Morita is the Executive Director of Mile Zero Dance, which just moved into a new performance space on 95 Street.


Phil O’Hara has lived in McCauley for 25 years, is with the McCauley Community League, and has been involved with numerous housing initiatives.


Svetlana Radmanovic owns the restaurant Kafana on 95 Street in Little Italy.


Teresa Spinelli is the owner and President of The Italian Centre Shop and a McCauley resident.


Gary St. Amand is the Interim CEO of Bissell Centre.


Michael Van Boom is the Vice President of the McCauley Community League and full-time Housing Ambassador with the Interfaith Housing Initiative.